Is there really any treatment to increase your height after 18, 21 or 25 years of age?

increase height after 18 yrs

I was recently surfing some of the questions requested on a health forum, and came across a question from a 26 yr old male looking for treatment to increase his height. There were already some responses to his question. But sadly, some of them promised him too much and gave unreasonable hope, I thought. I couldn’t help myself and quickly informed him to take any advice promising definite height growth, with a pinch of salt; and not to get caught into false promises and marketing tactics.

I agree, the entire motto of this website is to never lose hope, but the context is largely different. It is never at the cost of misleading and creating a false impression. Especially, in conditions, where hope can never be lost.

What decides our height?

Before you decide to take any treatment, you must first understand the basics of height growth in our body and then decide whether you really have a height problem to treat.

Our average height is decided by our genetic nature. So if our previous 3 generations have been consistently of an average height, then most likely we will be of an average height too.

Most of the body’s growth, both height-wise and weight-wise is largely controlled by the brain, through something called as the Growth hormone. This is chemical that gets secreted by the brain and passed through blood, finally affecting the bones and fat deposition.

When does the body stop growing in height?

If everything goes fine, and the growth hormone secretion is smooth, then you will continue to grow as decided by your genes until you reach your puberty.

Around puberty, the sex hormones start increasing and this starts having a negative impact on the growth hormone secretion, ultimately reducing any further growth in height.

That is why height stops increasing in girls around 18 yrs of age when they puberty, while its 21 in boys.

What can I do to increase my height after 18 or 21 yrs of age?

Firstly, tell me something seriously. Are you actually short? Or do you feel that you are short. Don’t confuse between the two. .

If you think about it, you don’t want to increase your height just for the sake of it. You want to be taller because you think being short is a problem!

Now, this problem may be different for each of us.

Why do you want to increase your height?

increase your height after 18 yrs

For most of the people, it is a matter of self-esteem. They believe being shorter than others make them less attractive or less successful. For some, it is in fact proves as a disadvantage, like interested in a sport but unable to do it, because of their height.

For even men of average height, have a feeling of being short, when actually they are not. If any treatment is needed, it is not to increase their height but rather to remove that thought that they are lacking something.

OK. So now I know what is your real problem with being short? Now what? Can I help you find a solution?

As I told you, my answer would be, ‘No, you cant increase your height after 21 years’. But that wont serve the purpose, right. You would simply go searching for someone who would tell you what you want to hear. That is, ‘Yes, why not?!’

So, I’m going to stick to ‘No’. But if you are okay with it, then I may have something that can help you solve your real problem, instead of the superficial one you are searching a solution for.

Being short is not your problem.

Handling yourself confidently as who you are, is. That is your real problem.

Most of us have created a imaginary persona for ourselves, about how ‘handsome’ men would look and how ‘beautiful’ women would look. We see a couple of successful people and make an image based on what we have seen so far, to construct an image of how successful people would look. It’s all based on what we have experienced so far.

Based on these self-constructed images of people or body images you admire, we look at ourselves either in a positive or a negative way.

The best example to prove this, is to think about the times when you strongly felt bad about being short. Those situations would be when you someone teased you, or when you did not feel appreciated when you most desired it. On the opposite hand, think about situations when you were very happy and excited. It could be among people you love and who loved you back. It could be in situations where you were praised for something you did better than others, and it had nothing to do with your height.

So, you see, we are the same height at both the time points, but we feel different in different situations. So, its not the height but more about the situation. Handle that situation and you will not need any treatment to increase your height.

How do you feel about yourself is the actual issue here.

The crux of this issue, is actually our mind. If our mind thinks that our own body image is similar to the one we admire, we feel positive and confident and even superior. On the other hand, if we think we don’t meet the similarities of these people, we feel down, ugly or incapable.

Let me give you a very simple example. You must have seen at least one person who feels he/she looks like a famous actress/actor. It could be just one of 10 qualities that matches very slightly with the actor. But that’s enough for them.

Now, as a viewer, we may not agree and might even laugh at this as a joke. But the person who says that, has such a deep belief in it and actually believes they look beautiful and you will notice a confidence in them.

It’s all about what the mind perceives and believes.

Whether they look alike the actress or not, their mind does not allow them to feel small. They walk tall.

Then there are the opposites of this kind, who also like a similar kind of personality, like tall women who look sexy, or may be tall men who look handsome or tall people who are extremely successful. But these persons are so hell-bent on seeing what they lack and lose sight of the aspects they are strong in.

They forget they are caring and strong. Or that they have beautiful features. Or may that they have a brilliant mind. But all they can think about is what they lack.

You could focus on your positive attributes or on the negatives ones. It’s your choice.

When you keep thinking about only the things you don’t have or things you have not be able to do, it is insecurity. It is lack of self-confidence. Most of all, this is self-criticism.

You do need help. But not to help you grow tall or some treatment to increase your height. But on the contrary, you need help to find what you are good at, and where your advantages lie.

Find that and you will automatically stand tall. You will already feel taller!

So, what are you going to do next?

Go back to searching the best treatment for increasing your height? Or hunt down your best qualities and outshine the taller lot!

Let me know what you decided in the comments below!