Age is just a number in couples dealing with infertility above 40. Here’s living proof.

I want you to take a moment and think about how many people you know, are/were dealing with infertility.

What was it? Let me guess. At least 1. If each of us knows at least 1 person who was dealing with infertility, then there are at least 2 more whom we don’t know about. So if you really give it a thought, the number could actually be more than you expected.

Infertility is a condition where a couple has not been able to conceive naturally. It has become a very common phenomenon today. When I was with a Homeopathic multidisciplinary chain of clinics, we would have at least 10-15 new infertility patients added to our clinics every month. And we were a clinic that saw all kinds of patients. There would be at least 1 elderly couple visiting the clinic every month seeking any fertility treatment. Imagine the number in a mainstream fertility clinic.

Not an easy task

Personally, consulting an eager 40+ couple for fertility treatment, is a very difficult situation. On one side, you are aware that medically the chances may be very low, despite the advancement in medicine and on the other hand, you know that the body works in mysterious ways and that a successful pregnancy, even beyond the accepted age limit, was not impossible.

So what do you do? Do you out-rightly dismiss treatment options for couples above 40, especially women above 40, or do you take the risk of giving them hope, when you cant be sure. There’s no straight answer.

Infertility after 40

22 yrs of Pain and Suffering

This is the story of a couple who had been married for 22 yrs but did not have a child. In the initial days, they had no idea they could be having troubles getting pregnant, and thought it could be just a matter of time. But as days turned into months, and months to years, the wife started getting worried, wondering why is she not getting pregnant. This was 20 yrs ago, not like today, when we meet doctors even before we get married.

The couple had to come down to India from the Gulf, where the husband was working, for their treatment. On examination, it was found that the wife was not having good ovulation, and that was the reason for their infertility.

The agony of couples trying to conceive cannot be imagined unless we have been there. The maximum we can understand is probably only half of what they actually go through. The pain of not having a child of their own. The unspoken guilt (often unjustified) of being the reason for the childlessness, or being at receiving end of the society’s expectations, of the taunts and the looks. And no this is no imagination. It is as true as day. The situation of this woman was also something similar.

Despite knowing that the problem was not only with her, she could never tell loudly about it. To the world, it was her that was the problem. The constant blaming, the taunts and the looks, one cant even begin to imagine. She had stopped going to any family functions to protect herself from the attacks she knew she would have to face. All she had was her husband and her prayers.

She got pregnant twice but aborted

It was not that couldn’t get pregnant at all. She had actually got pregnant twice. Sadly, both the times, she got aborted. First, due to no continued growth in the baby and second time due to no heart beat appearance. Nothing changed even after consulting the most famous doctors.

Recurrent abortions like these happen due to the poor quality of the eggs or the sperms. If either of the two is poor in quality, it results in the formation of a poor quality ovum (in simple words, the baby), in which situation, it will not be able to achieve continuous growth. That is why most of the time, couples are advised to undergo IVF (in-vitro fertilitsation).

In this method, few good eggs and sperms are specifically picked up from the wife and the husband and used for creating a baby. Since it is done outside the body, in a lab, it is called the test-tube baby process.

Even this couple were suggested to go for test-tube pregnancy even though there was only 30-35% chance only. She was now losing, not just time, but also her hope.

Infertility after 40

One last ray of hope

Just when everything seemed lost, they heard about homeopathy and a homeopathic doctor from a family friend and wanted to give it one last shot. The family friend had got a child after 10 yrs of marriage, thanks to Homeopathy.

When you hear that there is a small ray of hope that can make all this darkness disappear, couples hold on to it so strong. And it is a very cruel thing to tell them it may not work.

When you want it to work, but know your reality

But that’s not what happened with this couple. The husband had no faith in homeopathy. What can these small sugar pills do, where the most advanced treatments have failed.

He realized that though it may have worked and have helped others, it may not necessarily work for him. He knew the facts of his case very well. He was 45+ and his wife was 40+.

If his wife’s eggs were not good in her younger days then now at an advanced age, it will be even poorer. It was the same with him. He had low sperm counts too, along with low motility.

The chances of getting positive results with these conditions cannot be very good, he thought. But only because it will not cause any side effects, even if it doesn’t produce any good, he agreed to consult the doctor. And he spoke openly of this to the doctor at the very first consultation.

Infertility after 40

Someone who understands how we feel

Dr. Dileep, understood what the husband expressed and was more than compassionate. He was confident himself and passed on the same confidence. Not everyone can do that.

Many would want to protect themselves from giving too much assurance, and risk being unable to give results. But not him. He genuinely believed that every couple that walked into his clinic would have the chance.

So he told them to take only 6 months of treatment, and if it showed any improvement, they can continue. If not, then he dint want to waste their time and money and neither their hope.

She was already pregnant

Coincidentally, when Dr. Dileep asked them to get their preliminary tests done, the USG showed that the wife was indeed pregnant. So they dint start treatment.

But even this time, there was no heart beat and she had to abort again.

This time, she started the treatment with a new hope, but still worried if it will happen, considering her age.

The final attempt

After 6 months, she had a check-up and tested positive. But had to wait for 1 month to be confirmed that this pregnancy will sustain.

After 1 month, the hospital called back saying it was still positive. And tests showed that the pregnancy was continuing after 3 months also. There was no problem with growth or heart beat. This was the first time she had come beyond 3 months of pregnancy. Finally, she reached 9 months. The only problem was that she had to undergo a C-section because of hypertension (high blood pressure). But who cares, right?! Apart from that she delivered a beautiful little baby, who was later named Gifty Mariya.

Infertility after 40The couple with their daughter

What the doctor has to say

Dr. Dileep says, “It is a fact that most patients coming to homeopathic treatment for infertility have already tried most of the existing popular treatment options by that time. and in that they have lost a lot of years. So when they come to our clinic, they are almost 35 yrs and the quality of their eggs/sperms is low and their interest in only in getting a child rather than having a loving married life”.

“Most patients believe that IVF and ICSI is the last option for trying a pregnancy. And it is a very painful process. Not to mention an expensive one too. Very few people are actually aware of the numerous options outside of the conventional system that can be solution, if relieved in time”.

That’s it folks!

Its not the only one odd case that Dr. Dileep got lucky in. In fact, he has approximately 1800+ success cases in his pocket. You will see him modestly sharing his excitement on his Facebook page and YouTube channel often. Unfortunately, not many are aware of this.

Infertility after 40

This was truly one of the most amazing success stories I have come across about homeopathy. Because as an individual doctor of a particular system of medicine, there could be only so many cases that I have treated and I have had success in. Whereas, it could be completely possible for some other doctor, of a different system of medicine. That doesn’t make the problem incurable or treatment ineffective.

That’s my 2 cents for today! I can surely say, that I will never be able to tell any eager couple trying to conceive, that there’s no chance. What about you?

Leave your feedback in the comments, and share it with someone who think needs this the most.

Let me know your experience with infertility. It could be you, a close friend or a relative, or someone you know. How was it having to deal with it?

At last, if there is any topic you would like to see posts on, feel free to let me know in the comments below. And that’s all for now. I’ll see you soon with another inspiring story!

Until then, take care!

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