Can long lasting periods be cured? That too without hormone pills?

Hate having periods?

Me too. Even if it is manageable and only 3 days.

In the good ol’ days, women would normally have periods for at least 5-7 days. Today, that’s the longest most of us have.

Bleeding for 10+ days!!

Now imagine, if we, women who couldn’t handle a 3 day period, had to face this agony, for not 5, not 7, but more than 10 days!!

Don’t even want to imagine that, right?

Sadly, long lasting periods are a reality for many women today. Young and old are dealing with a variety of problems that cause irregular periods.


I have a real life story of someone who went through this pain, for 6 long years and, overcame it. Yes. She beat it!

So lets find out how.

period problems
Just 22 yrs old

This is an account of a 22 yr old girl with complaints of heavy and long lasting periods since 6 years.

The girl had been using allopathy medicines for all this time with temporary relief.

Time for The Second Opinion

Having realized that she is not improving much, she started looking out for other options. And that was when she found about homeopathy from her neighbor who had been successfully treated for her complaints.

It was then she visited Dr. Bhuvaneshwari, who practices, in Chengalpet, a place not too far from Chennai, Tamilnadu, for homeopathic treatment.

The girl informed the doctor about her complaints and was convinced that it was worth a try.

The History

Upon history taking, it was revealed that after attaining puberty at the age of 13 yrs, this girl had a perfect menstrual cycle for 5 yrs until the age of 17.

However, for some reason, some the last 6 yrs, she had started getting very heavy bleeding, mixed with bright red clots, and at times even lasting up to 12 days.

Now, homeopathy is system of medicine that works in the principle of personalisation. Meaning, every person is different and unique in their own manner.

So, whatever the complaint, homeopathic doctors try to find out peculiar and different symptoms in every patient, apart from the general symptoms of the problem.

For e.g., in this girl’s case, it was evident that she was having a hormonal problem that was causing the heavy and long lasting periods. But, as a Homeopath, one will have to find out how it differs from another person with the same problem.

And in this case, the doctor found that while it would be typical for any woman to be tired and weak from so much blood loss, this girl never felt tiredness!

The only thing was that she would be irritable that her periods would go on for days.

Her past medical history showed that she had hypothyroidism 5 yrs ago and had taken allopathy for it and now was normal.

stress and periods

Mind Matters

Psychologically, she was very stressed about her mother’s health at the time when this problem started 6 years ago. She would not sleep well, would have many bad dreams,

But as her mother recovered, this stressed lowered but her physical problem of periods dint.

As they say, it’s not the stress as much as the person that is stressed, that matters.

Meaning, we tend to take stress even if there is nothing to be stressed about. That’s what called nature.

So, unless we change our nature, everything pretty much remains the same.

So, even in this girl, her initial worry about her mother’s health had gone, but now she started worrying about other things. And slowly, it became her own health.

And all this was taken into consideration and she was finally chosen a very specific medicine and started on treatment.

period problem

The Results

The first month, she had not completely recovered but her heavy flow had improved and she still continued to bleed for more than 10 days. But, surprisingly, she was much better psychologically. She slept well, had no scary or bad dreams, felt more active and lively, and even didn’t worry much about health. As they say, when the mind is ready, the body is ready too. She was now confident that she will come out of this.

The next month, her period stopped in 5 days. And that too without taking any hormone pills. Because homeopathic medicines are not hormone pills. They are medicines that act generally and make the body take control again, instead of the medicine taking control.

She was very confident, if not thrilled, that she was going to overcome this after all. She is still under continued medication and observation, probably for another 3-6 months and then she would have her whole new life ahead of her.

That was amazing right?

That’s exactly what I felt too. Gives us so much happiness to see people improving and finally achieving what they always wanted.

There’s is after all a different solution to every problem.

Hope you liked and were touched by this woman’s journey too!

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Let me know if you face a similar problem, and how you are dealing with it.

Until then, take care!!