How to look taller even when you are short

In a recent post, we spoke about height issues and the real problem behind these issues. People believe they are not beautiful or handsome or not successful because they are short. When that’s not totally true. You can still look swag, and look taller even if you are short or not actually tall. 

So, its all about finding your strong points and smashing your barriers. And that’s what it all about today.

So how can you look taller? Without any medicines, any growth supplements, without even having to sweat it out in the gym. This is how.

Your height does not own you. You own it. 

be taller even when you are not
Own it! Create your your luck!

Most of us have an image of what our best qualities are and what we don’t like about ourselves. Some of us focus more on our good qualities, and some of us, on the bad ones. And there are a very few, who have learnt to take a balanced view about themselves. Let’s call them yogis and keep them away from our discussion!

For the rest of us, who struggle everyday to make the best of our life, we need to keep learning and evolving.

And the first step towards evolving and becoming better, would be to discover yourself in a way you have never known yourself before. 

If you feel low and discouraged because of your height, stop right there, and for a moment, think about the strong qualities you possess and you will instantly feel taller and more confident. 

The more you keep thinking about your shortcomings, you will stoop your shoulder, lower your head and bend your back. This will only make you look more shorter. 

Don’t let your physical height own you. You own your height, accept it, that “yes, I’m 5.5 ft. So what, but I’m an amazing coder or great at what I do. And none of this has got anything to do with my height”. That is how you do it!

Revamp your dressing style

look taller even when you are not
Dress to kill!

If you see, looking tall is mostly how the looks. And there’s a lot more to looking good, than just your physical features. 

How you dress can drastically change your looks for the good or bad. It’s up to you how you want it to be. 

Forget about the height, forget treatments and all this stuff. Focus on what you can change about how you look. And people will be so focused on these things that they will forget about your natural physical features. 

Kill it with your wit

look taller even when you are short
Attract them with your attitude!

Do you know anybody who is cool to hang around with. Someone who is funny or may be who is super brainy. Can you think of them right now?

What image of them did you see in your mind, when you were thinking of them right now? The things they said and how you felt about it? or How did they look? It’s what they said and how hilarious it was and how you were rolling on the floor laughing when they said that, right?

Who cares a damn, how they look, when what they have to say is more fun and attractive!

It’s the same for you. 

People are attracted to us, not because of how we look (I know, I’ll come to it), but because of how we make them feel. 

I said ‘I’ll come to it” earlier, because, yes I know how we look creates that first impression and brings people to us first. But whether they stick around or just get bored and walk away depends on who we are rather than how we look. Right?!

Beware of the Short Man’s Syndrome

Short Man’s Syndrome or the Napolean’s Complex is a colloquial term used to describe people who become overly confident, at times dominating, criticizing and bullying others.

They do this in an attempt to block any criticism they might receive due to short height. As the name suggests, Napolean was believed to display these behaviors. 

If you wanted to be more likable and admired, then this is definitely something you want to be aware of and not slip into.

Final words

look taller even when you are short
Win the world with your charisma!

We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. But not all of these qualities are things we can control. It’s best we stick to the stuff that we have control upon and take a win there, instead of trying and failing repeatedly. 


So, go on, put on your best attire and wear that famous smile of your and go win the world!

P.S. If you still don’t feel ready, feel free to consult a Homeopath, a good one that is (I can help you find one if you want), who is by far the best bet. Because not only can Homeopathy work on the growth hormone if there’s scope for it, it can help you modify how you think and feel about yourself. Who knows, tomorrow you could be an inspiration to all these  people!