Why live with painful piles all your life, when you get rid of it completely. Like this woman did.

You have heard of piles right?

How to cure piles?

May be, you have experienced it yourself or seen a close friend or relative suffering from it. Can you almost feel the pain right now, just thinking of it? Yes, that unspeakable pain your ass.

Piles, also called as hemorrhoids, is a problem affecting the rectum and anus, causing mild to severe pain while trying to pass stools. Many people experience this pain differently. Some have this before stools, some during, while some after it.

Most often they conclude it is because of the spicy and rich food they had that day or the previous day, mostly non-veg food. And then decide, ‘Okay, may be I’ll just fast today, have some buttermilk, and it should be fine by the end of the day’.

That’s good, because most often it helps.

But it doesn’t, they visit the nearest doctor and take the first line of treatment – which is mostly pain medicines, and a tube of anesthetic ointment to apply on the anus, so that you don’t feel the pain. And its relieved. Phew! Even if it is at least for the time being.

Unfortunately, the problem crops us again, and again, and again. So much so, that we decide to stop having these types of food. Slowly, you have reached a stage where you get the complaints even on the days you have had normal non-spicy diet. And now you are really worried?


Haven’t i stopped all the things that were causing the problem. Why then, is the problem still remaining?

This post is the answer to that question.

This is the story of a young lady who had been suffering from health problems on after the other, never knowing why she was getting ill frequently, at such a young age.

It always starts small.

Maya* was a 20 something young woman who had been a regular patient with Dr. Smita Adkine. In fact, her whole family was. So, she would visit often, often lone, sometimes with other family members, for minor complaints.

But one day, she came rushing to the doctors clinic, worried the doctor might leave, as it was closing time.

Luckily, the doctor was just packing up, when she entered. And looking at Maya, clearly in some serious problem, the doctor called her in for the consult.

Maya had been having minor health problems on and off, but lately she had been complaining of piles and pain while passing stools. But today, she said, it was very extreme. The pain is so severe, that she couldn’t even sit comfortably. To top it, it was bleeding badly as well.

How to cure piles

There was something deeper.

The doctor sensed that something deeper was wrong with Maya. Her physical health seemed to be worsening slowly. And that there had to be something more to the problem.

So, the doctor first called her down and asked her what else was going on? If she has been dealing with any stress recently.

Maya denied, saying it was the usual, nothing she hasn’t seen before.

The doctor could sense that Maya dint want to talk about it openly, but there was definitely something affecting her internally.

Knowing Maya closely from so many years, the doctor knew Maya wasn’t a person to share her problems easily, unless a must. So she explained that her stress could be the reason that causing her problems to increase and recur again and again. And that talking about it and getting help is needed.

How to cure piles

Maya opened up finally.

Maya had been worried about some financial crisis in her family. But it was not per se about money. It was something more.

She comes from a very respected family and her father is a well renowned and respectable man in their locality.

After much struggle, the family had built a house in the same locality, which had now become a canter spot for important social meetings, with her family playing a reachable role.

However, since they had to spend a lot of money to built the house, the family was in a lot of debt. And there came a situation, where they had to either pay a huge sum of money, which they dint have at the time; or sell the house and move to a different location and get free of the debt.

But this would mean a lot of embarrassment and shame for the family, or at least that’s what Maya thought. And this thought had been eating her away since the day this news came.

Every time she was stressed, her body reacted too.

And on recollecting, Maya confirmed, it was around the same time, her health was deteriorating.

Every time, there was someone coming to see the house to buy, she would be very upset and become very quiet and sad. She would not speak to anyone, but everyone could make out that she was stressed. She would not be able to eat or drink. And whatever little she could eat, she will start having bleeding and pain during and after stools.

Surprising, isn’t it?

how to cure piles

Could our body and mind be connected?

One hundred percent.

Growing research has proven that mind-body connection is no more just a theory, but in fact time tested hard clinical evidence. So much so, we even have studies proving how the mind influences certain organs.

In fact, every organ has an emotional component and we can retrace the root of our bodily problems to related stressful events and emotions.

For example, let’s take piles. This problem belongs to the anal region.

In Normalcy & In Disease

Physiologically, meaning when we are healthy, the function of the anus/rectum is to excrete or throw out used up stuff. When diseased, the same function of passing stools gets affected.

So, in a way, the body gets into a situation that either it is not able to pass stools. Sometimes, people suffering from problems related to the anus, are afraid to pass stools, as if don’t want to let it go.

Coincidentally, there is a connection between this process. People affected with problems of the anus or the rectum, also are afraid to let go. It is mostly noted to be about some past bad incidents.

Think about Maya of this story. She too had a similar situation. She was so afraid of what might happen if the house was sold, that she didn’t even want to talk about it to her family members. And not just simple keeping it within her. It was pricking her within too. And the body showed what her mind was going through.

The only way to relieve it completely, is to remove the root cause, i.e. the stress.

Fixing the missing link.

After listening to the entire story, the doctor made a complete analysis of Maya, including her physical and psychological symptoms and prescribed her personalized homeopathic medicine.

When she came in 3 days, Maya seemed relieved. For a moment, the doctor thought, if Maya’s house had been saved, as she seemed at peace.

Surprisingly, the problem was still going on. But Maya’s attitude to the problem had changed. Her piles complaints also had relieved. There was no more pain or bleeding. And she was no more stressed about the sale of house. She had come to agree that her family will be respected, wherever they are. And the more the family sticks together during this problem, the more stronger they will become.

How to cure piles

All’s well that ends well.

So that, my friends, is all for today. A small narrative of people like you and me, dealing with so many things at the same time, and getting out of it, successfully. And Of course a whole lot of philosophy.

Congrats and applause to Dr. Smita for taking the time and effort to go beyond just short-term relief. Isn’t it what a good doctor must do?

I will post an article on piles and the psychological connection to the problem soon.

Until then bye.

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