The complicated case of fungal infection and psoriasis

Skin conditions are the worst! And if you have a mix of two or more skin problems, you can’t help going crazy. Like this woman who had not one but 3-4 skin problems, including fungal infection, psoriasis, lichen planus and vitiligo, almost overlapping one another.

Not only do the skin problems cause a lot of physical pain, but immense emotional stress also. So, when you are able to come out of it, there could be nothing more joyful than that. And it’s not just for the patient, but equally a happy occasion, or probably more satisfying, for the doctor who helped the patient come out of the problems.

Yes, what I am going to share with you today, is a real life account of a patient who suffered not one, but 2 skin problems, complicating each other, at the same time, as narrated by her treating doctor, Dr. Ravi Singh, who is a whole new topic discussion completely. But, lets first listen to the patient’s story and then I will take you to that of Dr. Ravi Singh’s. This case was originally shared by Dr. Ravi himself on his Facebook account.

Unending suffering

Maya* (name changed for confidentiality reasons), had been having severe and recurring skin problems for a very long time. She first had fungal infection (tinea), then lichen planus, and finally psoriasis. She even had developed vitiligo in between.

Now, Maya had been having all these skin problems over a period of many years, and had taken all sorts of treatments for them, including Homeopathy. In 2016, she was taking treatment from Dr. Ravi itself and had managed to control her severe fungal infection of the scalp. Later, she showed brilliant results in her lichen planus complaints.

But sadly, when her long lasting vitiligo was not showing much improvement, she quit taking Dr. Ravi’s treatment and tried something else. But, it failed again, this time miserably.

From one doctor to another

Remembering the comparative relief she had achieved at the hands of Dr. Ravi, she returned to his clinic for further treatment.

This time, when she came, she was in a horrible condition. Even the clinic staff, who are generally trained to handle severe cases, were also slightly scared to handle her.

Her entire skin was peeling, oozing and infected.

Whatever the state, it is every doctor’s duty to help a patient who has come for help, as much as possible. With that thought in mind, Dr. Ravi took her case history once again, looking for the minutest details. Her physical complaints, her emotional complaints and her general vital signs and symptoms.

The emotional angle

Physically, we can imagine her agony, but even emotionally she was troubled. She was holding in a lot of anger and stress within her, which was probabaly the reason for all her problems.

Coming from a rich family in the village side, Maya was never much interested in studies and was married off in the young age of 16-17 yrs. Since childhood, she was a lazy person, and would feel compelled to do household work, due to her strict father.

Her in-law family was not very well to-do as compared to her parents family, nor did her husband have a job when she got married. This affected her a little. What really bothered her was that she felt her mother-in-law was dominating her and sister-in-law behaved badly with her. She never liked to do household work, so whenever she would be told to do some work, she would be angry and shout and fight.  She did not even like going to market for groceries. She would only want to roam freely and never take any family responsibility. If lectured, she would become angry and refuse to eat. Morever, if anyone tried to console her or make her quiet, she will get even more angry. Still, she liked having people around, but was never satisfied with what they did.

Time for the medicine

It was clear, that whether right or wrong, Maya was emotionally stressed and needed help. If she is not emotionally healed, her skin problems will not go away completely. Armed with all this information, he medicated her with a homeopathic medicine, that fit her physical and emotional symptoms the best, at that point of time.

And only a few weeks later, she returned to the clinic with a beautiful smile and healing skin. Her fungal infection, psoriasis, vitiligo and lichen, all seemed to have disappeared magically. Her skin was super clean and looked super healthy. And she even looked like a totally new person.

See her progress in pictures.

Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost! The story is not over.

Remember, I told you, every success story is not just about the patient, but also about the doctor. Let me tell you, a little about Dr. Ravi.

Dr. Ravi Singh is homeopath, who doesn’t give even a single tablet or pill to his patient! Yes, no white pills, no tablets, no medicinal drops, nothing!

All he does, is takes the patient’s case history, and then asks for one strand of the patient’s hair. Yes, one strand of hair! And then he lets the hair sit in the medicinal solution specifically prepared for that patient for a period of time. This method is called the transmission method. The method is believed to transmit the medicine’s energy through electromagnetic waves from the medicated strand of hair to those of the patient.

Unbelievable right?

That what I thought too. But how would we explain the hundreds of success cases, that Dr. Ravi has sincerely collected and documented for research purposes. Practically, no other Homeopathic doctor uses this method, except for Dr. Ravi and yet he is so convinced of the merits of the transmission method, that he has dedicated his practice to this method alone. I am as curious as you, for his next case. And you bet, I will share it here for you!

Dr. Ravi Singh, MD (Hom), aka, the Wifi doctor, practices in Lucknow, and treats a variety of problems. His website lists a long list of success cases he has treated. Be sure to check it out!

So, that’s all from me for now. Until I come back with another inspiring patient story, you take care!

Let me know your thoughts (could be good or bad) about this case. Any doubts or questions you may have. And I will be happy to answer them for you!

And if you have a similar inspiring story too, please share your story with everyone!