Can ringworm never be cured?

Ringworm. Aka Khujli. Haven’t we all heard of it? The ghastly skin problem that just doesn’t stop itching.

People who have suffered from this, would give away anything to avoid facing the same again. Well, who wudnt? When it can make you scratch anytime anywhere anyhow.

The most popular ads we have seen about it are the ones for b-tex, itch guard, etc. But there are others like

The problem with these medicines is limited time of action. Meaning, you are okay until you are taking these medicines. But once you stop, it comes back again.

People get so depressed that they have to be put on very strong drugs to keep the infection away. But there’s no other way, we think.

Actually there is.

Let me show with a real life example.

This is the account of a young man who had been suffering from ringworm from 2 plus years. He had been under regular allopathic treatment all these years on and off. But every time he stopped taking the medicine he would get the problem again.

Last time, he decided to try homeopathy or a friends suggestion. And voila!

In 4 months, his problem was much better, just like when he would take his allopathic medicines. But only this time, he had not taken any of them.

Not only that, he is being continually monitored monthly since the last 6 months and he is doing perfectly fine and no recurrence.


Little sweet pills of Homeopathy. Can yu believe that? May be not. But what can I say. That’s the fact.

This above case was treated by Dr. Vivant Rana after finding out the root cause of this patients problem. How it started, when it increases, when it decreases and any particular reason of how it started. Based on all this information, the patient was treated with homeopathic medicines for 4 months. And this was the result.

What do yu think of that?! Awesome right?

Definitely it is awesome.

What are fungal infections?

Fungal infections are infamous for their ability to recur again and again, especially in people with a weak immune system.

Why weak immunity?

Because you see these infections can actually be tackled by our own bodys immune system, if it was healthy. But when it’s not, the opposite party, that is the organisms and the infection become more powerful and have a strong hold until we remove it with more stronger antifungal.

But as I mentioned earlier in the post too, the infection is controlled until the effects of the medicine lasts. Once the course is over, the infection starts again in sometime.

The only way out of this and that too permanently is, to make sure the fungus can’t survive in the body at all. And that can only be possible if the body’s healthy and has a strong immune response.

This is what is actually focused in homeopathic treatment. Not only to relieve the complaints but even prevent it from recurring.

In fact, there are many such awesome solutions available around us, it’s just that we don’t know much about them. But don’t, worry, this is a start. I will make sure to get you more such awesome information continuously.

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Until then, take care!