The Second Opinion

About Us

India is home to some of the leading healthcare options around the world. Not only is the place of choice for cost effective conventional (allopathic) medical and surgical treatment, it is also the only place to find the best alternative modes of treatment including our very own AYUSH systems of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani and Homeopathy.

However, despite being the ground zero for these systems of medicine, there is hardly any authentic information available to patients, and are completely unaware of these options, let alone make a decision.

Majority of us have no idea of what these systems of medicine mean, what they do, which problems they help in. So, obviously, choosing them as your treatment plan is difficult. Or we adopt them, without understanding if it was a right call.

The Second Opinion, is our attempt to change that. We bring you information on your health problems, from a different angle.

Understand about your problem in a way, you have never known before. 

Listen to people who have been there, adopted these alternatives and succeeded in getting the results.

And finally, take your call.

After all, when someone says you have no choice, you must know, there is always a another way!

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