A Doctor’s Open Letter To Every Woman Suffering From Weight Gain Due To PCOD

Weight gain in PCOD is not irreversible.

Yes. And I want you to know that.

In a recent interaction I had with some of the members of a PCOD group, most mentioned that weight gain was their top most concern about pcod.

Honestly, not what I expected.

As a doctor, I saw things differently. Like my main concern would be how quick can this patient to start getting menses on her own, you know like without meds. Or when will this patient of mine start ovulation naturally and be able to get pregnant.

And I wud pay little attention to complaints of skin, hair and weight. As I always felt, I have bigger issues to deal with.

So, who’s wrong here?

Honestly, none of us.

Though we see the problem from our different angles, none of our priorities are wrong.

If I as a doctor failed to address the issues that bother you as a patient, however minor complaints they might, I would fail to make you healthy.


Because these small things when combined have a larger impact than it looks like.

So thank you for helping me confirm that.

But I must tell you, that your worries about weight gain are misplaced.

Because pcod is not a cause but a result in it self, just like weight gain.

Meaning, both have the same reason. Hormonal imbalance.

I’m not sure if you know this.

Hormones are the basic reason for everything from the start of the problem to the end of the problem. Be it irregular periods or no ovulation or even for that matter weight gain or hair fall.

Let’s take weight for now. Since that’s the #1 problem for most of us with pcod.

Normally, when you are healthy, you have a certain weight range, right? Like since young age.

Now some of us were on the higher side of the weighing scale since young age. That doesn’t mean we are unhealthy since childhood.

It just means that naturally or sometime genetically, we are like that.

The problem is when we start going beyond our usual range. And we note, that not only is our weight increasing, but we have also started having all sorts of other problems. Tiredness, lack of interest, mood disturbances, and slowly it adds to irregular periods also.

You agree with me so far?

So you see, irregular periods or pcod comes far later than the weight gain most of the times.

The actual problem is that body’s natural ability to regulate hunger, your tastes and distates, your metabolism is disturbed and that is why all this is happening.

Why I’m telling all this is, pcod or not, weight gain can be reversed. Not bcos of meds, not bcos of drinks and whatever. But bcos it’s in your control, in your body’s control. And i want you know that.

All other things, can help, but not do the job on their own.

Trust yourself.

Know that you can be whatever you want to be. But you will have to put the hard work. Not only terms of diet and exercise, but in terms of the right mindset too.

You can’t be drowned in negative thoughts and stress, and think you are still going to eat well and exercise right. Everything is related. If you are stressed, automatically you will eat unhealthy food. Automatically you will be uninterested in walking and exercise. And even if you do, you body will be walking, but your mind will doing the opposite.

So, start now! And don’t lose hope.

P.S. Sorry for the long post. I just got carried away. Let me know if you have any concerns about what I said or if you don’t understand anything.

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